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donghaeaday's Journal

Spreading The Love For Donghae ♥
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Being born on the 15th of October in 1986, Donghae is the second and last child of the family Lee. His name means as much as 'east sea' that's why most people call him fishy. Following his dad's dream he took part in an audition and is now part of the successful korean boygroup called 'Super Junior' which has a total of 13 members. After his father died, he became more attached to people and easily feels lonely that's why most of the members try to keep his company whenever they can. Although Donghae is not the youngest of the members he's described as the most childish and gets along really well with all of his members'parents.No bashing.
This community is only about Donghae.
If you don't like the community feel free to leave as soon as you can.

Enjoy this as much as you can ♥

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